South Willingham Chapels

The village once had two chapels, both situate in Barkwith Road – one now gone completely and the other having been converted to a private residence.    


 1) South Willingham Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Built in 1834 – closed 1972. Now a private residence. This chapel was in the following circuits at the dates indicated.

    Louth Wesleyan Methodist Circuit 1834 – 1933.

     Louth Methodist Circuit 1933 – 1972.



Entrance (right of photo with lantern) of United Methodist Chapel

 2) South Willingham United Methodist Chapel. Built 1855 – closed 1933.  A private dwelling now stands on this site.  The chapel was in the following circuits at the dates indicated.

    Louth Wesleyan Reform Union circuit – 1855 – 57.

    Louth United Methodist Free churches Circuit 1857 – 1907.

    Louth United Methodist Circuit 1907 – 33

(Lincolnshire Archives 057)

(note.  Insert here Enlargement of Wes chapel and laying of memorial stones.  Ref. Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury 17/8/1877 P5 col 2) 

Also reopening of Wes chapel  16/11/1877 following enlargements and alterations

 Also Photograhic prints and notes Ref. EX/8/3.   Lincoln Archives 057

Also Heneage of Hainton 2nd deposit. Ref 2-HEN.   Hainton and S.Willingham schools 1889-1903

 South Willingham    New Sunday school.

 On Friday afternoon the foundation stones of a new Wesleyan Sunday school were laid by Mr R W Perks, M.P. There was a large number of friends present. Having performed the task, he said it gave him the greatest possible pleasure to be with them that afternoon and to be able to lay the stone of a new Sunday school. He went on to say that they would soon be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Wesley and that now more than ever they needed a Sunday school, saying that  he was afraid the observance of the Lord’s day was not so characteristic of this country as it was 20 years ago, and men and women very often forgot the commandments of God, and often the Sabbath day. He contratulated them on the building which they had started, and he would give them £20 towards the funds.

Stones were also laid by various members of S. Willingham who gave varying amounts of between £5 and £1.1 shilling. Various fund raising events resulted in the total to date of £199.9s.6 -1/2d.

The school will cost about £230.

From an article in the Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, 12.6.1903

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