Old Photographs of South Willingham.

The Thatch.
 According to Mrs Anne Flowers nee Copeland who used to live in The
Thatch, it was once  three separate homes.Mrs Flowers kindly supplied some of the photographs of  The Thatch and of Woodbine Cottage.

The Thatch . Station Road photographed in the 1930’s



The Thatch Station Road date unknown.



The Thatch Station Road


Betts Pond Easter 1949 the building in the background is The Forge.

  The above photograph shows Anne Copeland standing beside a pond in the grounds of Church Farm which was known by local people as ‘Betts Pond’ .The photograph was taken in 1949 at Easter . The Forge can be seen in the background. Anne Copeland used to live with her family in The Thatch.

Early photograph of Church Farm Station Road. date unknown


Woodbine Cottage
 Woodbine cottage is principally constructed of stone with a thatched roof and was part of the Hainton Estate which once owned most of South Willingham. In 1957  this cottage was sold for  £70. It is believed to be at least 300-400 years old and was once the village post office. 

ref. Lincolnshire Life magazine May 1971. 


Woodbine Cottage date unknown.


An old photograph of Woodbine Cottage.

Woodbine cottage circa 1957 


Woodbine Cottage being re-thatched Feb,1962.


                               Woodbine Cottage  June 1974                                     _________________________      

Mill Cottages South Willingham date unknown


Mill Cottages.


View of two cottages in Blacksmiths Lane and also of The Schoolroom. date unknown

The two cottages are in the process of being made into one dwelling called Springfield View and the schoolroom is now a private house called RaynardsCottage.                                      



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