Photographs of People and Places.

         The Holmes / Gannon family at Pasture House.

Ellen Gannon at Pasture House 1966
John and Margaret Gannon nee Holmes. married at St Martins 1960.

   The Village Shop date unknown.


Frank and Gladys Johnson inside the village shop. date unknown.


Edwin Greenwood ” with the cow which gave  eighteen lbs of butter each week ” ( this information was written on the back of the photograph obtained from Grimsby library.)

Edwin Greenwood date unknown



The Wheelwrights Yard.



Mr Harrison( miller.)



Pump Hill Cottage

Pump Hill Cottage 1973 West View.


Pump Hill Cottage 1973 . North View.
Pump Hill Cottage 1973 NE. view.
Corner of Station Road SW. Pump Hill Cottage on the right.

  The Anvil and Blacksmith’s Workshop. 

The Blacksmith’s workshop.

Outside the Blacksmith’s workshop. believed to be members of the Greenwood family.
Inside the Blacksmith’s workshop. Believed to be members of the Greenwood family.

The Blacksmiths workshop before alterations.

The Blacksmiths Shop. after alterations. re named The Anvil






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