This is a holding page for all information relating to any past resident of South Willingham with the surname Wattam. It is a work in progress and will be updated as information becomes available.

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  1. Penny van den Bosch says:

    Thank you so much for your work. Interesting to see the Wattams. I believe I’m descended from Frances Wattam (baptised 1750 in South Willingham) daughter of George Wattam and his wife Mary (still looking for their marriage record to find out her maiden name). Frances married Brown Spalding in Kelstern in 1791. Confirming research gets so much harder pre civil registration. Looking at the on line parish records from Lincs Archives there seem to have been a lot of Wattam families in South Willingham so probable related to the people in your list somewhere. Many thanks again seeing things like this makes you feel so much more connected to your ancestors.

    • admin says:

      Penny, I am not sure if you know Ron Wattam from NZ. He has done quite a bit of research on the Wattam family. His email address is – olivine@xtra.co.nz.

      Paul Ferguson

      • ronald wattam says:

        Paul I have never received and official address from you to send you a book I have compiled. I recently sent one to the Lincoln Library. I am willing to donate one to the South Willingham Parish so long as some one shares the cost of postage which is $55.00NZ or if some one has a friend who is visiting I can arrange to give them one to take home.
        This book is on glossy A4 pages and consists of 496 pages and weighs in at 2 kgs., 40 years of work and research.
        Ronald Wattam

  2. olivine2013 says:

    With reference to the church bells and the name in the casting of bells on T Watam would more than likly come from a Thomas Wattam and his wife Jane this Thomas was b. 12 Nov. 1615 Thorganby but died and buried Sth Willingham date on head stone not ledgible, they had 4 children and another Thomas Wattam b Jan. 1640 m) 1663 he was christened and married in this church, They in turn had 6 more children and yet another Thomas Wattam b 1669 who married Ann Ailsbe 1691 all from South Willingham and after many more generations the finaly left the village in 1875 for New Zealand.
    I am willing to send a file for some one to print out for the records of who is who etc.
    Ronald Wattam

    • admin says:

      Ron, we would love to have sight of any research you have done regarding the South Willingham Wattams.


      • ronald wattam says:

        Paul I have recently posted and donated my work in the book on the 500 years Wattam family to Lincoln library and they have acknowledge receipt of.
        But please if you know someone who is coming to NZ I will certainly give a copy to your group as I understand that the Louth Ancestry Group has now folded the value of book NZ$75.00 plus post NZ$55.00 (cripples me sending) so good to know someone who is travelling here.

  3. olivine2013 says:

    Paul, Season greetings to you over in the cold. When I visited back in 2004 I did pay a visit to St Julians Church and there are some grave stones in that property and at that stage a whole lot stacked up against the back fence. Has any one to your knowledge noted those sites like you have done for St Martin’s.
    I have produced a book (end of March 2015) but I will send a copy by a person one day, so could you give me an address for it to be posted to from wih in UK as it will cost me the price of the book to print & to post from NZ.
    The book covers a lot of Wattams and many from other areas.
    I have one querry with a James Wattam born 1701 North Kelsey area and I can not for the life of me find his parents can any one help me to locate them please?
    The book I have compiled consists of 460+ A4 pages is written in 11 font, consists people from Right around the world in different countries & 5 continents. 35 + years of hard work and the programme is a proper genealogy program, so easy to read.. When this comes I hope it will be kept in some sort of museum.
    The first response from Penny, do you have her email address please as I would like more info and share what I have.
    Ron Wattam

    • James says:

      Hi, I am currently doing some research into our family history and have found links to the Wattams in South Willingham through the Cordeys also from South Willingham. Any information you would be very interesting. Thanks, James

  4. ronald wattam says:

    James I have many cordey’s in my list please send me an email and I will send back a file for your perusal.
    my email is olivine@xtra.co.nz
    Ron Wattam

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