Old Photographs

South Willingham School
 South Willingham School pupils and teacher 1916.
 When South Willingham school closed the children from the village had to attend the school at Hainton. The following are a collection of photographs taken at Hainton school and were kindly donated by Jennifer Garside and Elizabeth Ory.
The Thatch.
According to Mrs Anne Flowers nee Copeland who used to live in The
Thatch, it was once  three separate homes.Mrs Flowers kindly supplied some of the photographs of  The Thatch and of Woodbine Cottage.
The Thatch . Station Road photographed in the 1930’s


The Thatch Station Road date unknown.



The Thatch Station Road


Betts Pond Easter 1949 the building in the background is The Forge.
The above photograph shows Anne Copeland standing beside a pond in the grounds of Church Farm which was known by local people as ‘Betts Pond’ .The photograph was taken in 1949 at Easter . The Forge can be seen in the background. Anne Copeland used to live with her family in The Thatch.
Early photograph of Church Farm Station Road. date unknown
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 Elizabeth Ory (formerly Bickford) of Oak Cottage 
the photo of the Bett family was taken around 1900. The three standing from left to right are Jane, Fred and Ellen.  The bottom row Mary Ann (my grandmother) Frances, William (with little John), Sarah, Mary, Margaret and Elizabeth (who incidently lived at the left hand cottage of the Mill cottages for all her married life.
Woodbine Cottage
Woodbine cottage is principally constructed of stone with a thatched roof and was part of the Hainton Estate which once owned most of South Willingham. In 1957  this cottage was sold for  £70. It is believed to be at least 300-400 years old and was once the village post office.

ref. Lincolnshire Life magazine May 1971.

Woodbine Cottage date unknown.
An old photograph of Woodbine Cottage.

Woodbine cottage circa 1957


Woodbine Cottage being re-thatched Feb,1962.


                               Woodbine Cottage  June 1974
Mill Cottages South Willingham date unknown


Mill Cottages.

View of two cottages in Blacksmiths Lane and also of The Schoolroom. date unknown

The two cottages are in the process of being made into one dwelling called Springfield View and the schoolroom is now a private house called RaynardsCottage.                                      



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  1. Elizabeth Ory (formerly Bickford) of Oak Cottage says:

    the photo of the Bett family was taken around 1900. The three standing from left to right are Jane, Fred and Ellen. The bottom row Mary Ann (my grandmother) Frances, William (with little John), Sarah, Mary, Margaret and Elizabeth (who incidently lived at the left hand cottage of the Mill cottages for all her married life.

  2. Jenny Garside says:

    Dear Celia
    It was nice to meet you the other Sat and Liz and I will definitely visit you soon as I have found one or two more old photos but haven’t figured out how to scan them on to the computer yet. My cousin has sent me some too so now all the family are looking out photos! The one that has appeared at the school is the one I have -my mother is Hilda Clark-she then became Hilda Addison(on the tree planting photo) and lived at 2 Blacksmiths Lane from 1936 to 1990 about. She was the organist at both Chapels until in turn each stopped functioning. Also one of the founder members of the WI in SW. She was born in the Thatch cottage and grew up in the cottage on Church Lane. I have a very old photo outside the thatch when my grandmother was pregnant with her in 1908. Out of interest who gave you the photo of the school party ?

    WE are still trying to identify other people i the photos-I think the lady at Benniworth Haven in the check dress is Mrs Sentence who lived in your house. I am sure we can come up with several of the children as they were just a bit older than us.
    I will stop before I bore you but we have got quite enthusistic about the web site!
    Best wishes Jenny.

  3. David Lacey says:


    I’ve been pointed in the direction of a facebook page and its got lots of old southwillingham photos! A chap called Peter Spilman‎ runs it.

    The link is http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/615149_523072364385114_17586983_o.jpg



    Let me know if you would like me to contact them?


    • celia payne says:

      Hi David I have had a look at the Face Book page you mention and it would seem that the photograps have been copied from this web site.

  4. Lyn Smith says:

    Your pictures and stories are very interesting. I’ve been looking for a photo of Hainton Hall but can only locate those of the Chapel. My reason for this is the Heneage line runs in my family and my search has shown up some interesting stories about the line, including the Chapel being built on the property, St. Mary’s church and the Catholic Church St. Francis de Sales. I did not know there was a school on the property until your site popped up on my search.
    Do you, by any chance, have any pictures of the Hall and the school? I would love to add them to my genealogy if you are agreeable.
    My search does produce a map showing where the property is located but nothing of the Hall.
    Also, do you know if the property is still in the hands of the Heneage family or not? I understand it was in the possession of this family for most of its recorded history. That tells me that it either fell out of family hands for a time and regained or it completely fell out of family hands, never to return to the family. Any history of this would be much appreciated. I will continue my search but would also appreciate any assistance you can provide.
    Thank you;

  5. admin says:

    Hi Lyn, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you Google “Hainton Hall” images and “St Marys Hainton” images you will find a number of photos. The Heneage family is still living there. Hainton Hall is not in the Parish of South Willingham so we don’t have a great deal of information apart from the sale of the village which used to be owned by the Heneage family. There was a Country Life article about Hainton Hall published in 1990 and the house and family are included in Lincolnshire Country Houses and their Families (Part 2) written by Terrance R Leach. There is also a Wikipedia entry for Hainton. Hopes this helps.


  6. Maurice Berry says:

    Thank you for posting the old photographs – I was most interested in the 1916 School photo, my great aunt was Nellie Green, sister to my Grandma Annie Green. Annie married Albert Bontoft. Of the Betts family at Church Farm – Sarah was my great aunt by marriage to John (Jack) Green. Uncle Jack was chauffer to Lord Heneage at Hainton Hall. I guess it was a small world then!

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